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Matthias mueller da minusio


As a composer, Matthias Mueller follows a line of development that he has termed the ‘Aesthetics of the Second Modernism’, and he will publish a book on this topic entitled “Die Avantgardefalle”.  Mueller endeavors to reflect this aesthetic in his original compositions for music theatre, orchestra, chamber music, electronic music, and soon for opera. 

Matthias Muller is the initiator of the SABRE project which developed out of an artistic need to complement the acoustic qualities of the clarinet with ergonomic control of live electronics on stage. Mr. Mueller has performed more than 15 world premieres of SABRE pieces on stages of major concert halls and venues in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Matthias is now the founder and CEO of SABRE GmbH (LLC), offering a patented version of SABRE to all musicians interested in this new technology.

Matthias Mueller received a broad musical training at the University of Music in Basel; Hans Rudolf Stalder and Jürg Wyttenbach were his most important teachers. Matthias Müller has lived in Zurich Since 1996 and is a Professor for Clarinet at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

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